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In generations past, retirement was a time of relaxation. Retirees were seen as people on porches in rocking chairs, watching the world without being active participants. While they may have been seen as a great source of wisdom and guidance, people weren’t expected to do much after they’d stopped working. Today, it’s all different. The Baby Boomers have changed the way we see retirees; staying active after retirement is commonplace. This is a great thing, because it helps people stay healthier. Active adults have a stronger immune system, healthier blood pressure, digestive functioning than their sedentary peers, and they’re at a lower risk of many ailments, including Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and blood disease. So, what’s the right level of activity after retirement, and how can you achieve it?

First, it’s important to note that you don’t have to be an athlete to be an active adult. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, adults should get about two and a half hours of moderate-intensity physical activity every week. That’s about 30 minutes, five times a week, and the activity can be something as simple as taking a walk. If you’re transitioning from a sedentary life, perhaps at a desk job, though, this can be a challenge. Here, we’ve got some tips for staying active in retirement.

  • Ease into it with low-impact activities. Especially if you’re used to being less active than you plan on being now, take your time and go slowly with exercise. Try some low impact exercise that won’t unduly stress your joints or your cardiovascular system. Consider taking a tai-chi or yoga class, swimming or participating in water aerobics, or perhaps playing golf. Pick something that you will enjoy so that you’ll maintain your motivation.
  • Work your workout into your routine. It could be as simple as taking your dog for a walk, golfing, or taking a stroll with a friend, or you may want to go all in on rigorous exercise. Whatever you decide is the right exercise routine for you, it’s important to put it in your calendar. Be sure to check our community’s monthly fitness classes to plan your group fitness options ahead! After checking with your doctor to make sure your proposed workout is right for you, decide when and how often you’ll exercise, scheduling it like you would any other important task.
  • Keep your brain active, too. As you exercise your body, don’t forget to exercise your mind. You can stay active mentally as well as physically by reading, working puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku, and making a point to learn new things throughout your life.
  • Consider an active adult community. Active adult communities are designed to help people remain active well after retirement. A fitness center with group classes, along with outdoor exercise opportunities like walking trails and a swimming pool, make it easy to stay physically fit. What’s more, scheduled group activities, classes where residents can learn new hobbies and skills, and a community of likeminded people makes for plenty of engagement and connection.

When you’re ready to find an active adult community where you can spend your retirement years productively, consider Larkspur at Creekside. Our community was developed with a focus on residents’ social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and emotional wellbeing in mind, and it’s the perfect place to create a balanced, active lifestyle. With a robust social calendar that includes instructor-led fitness classes, Larkspur at Creekside could be the perfect option for you. A family-owned and managed 55 plus community, we offer resort-style apartments and cottages in New Braunfels, Texas, with an emphasis on active living. We give our residents the chance to transition from the responsibilities and burdens of home ownership to a lifestyle of convenience and luxury, full of new friends, new activities, and new adventures. To learn more about life at Larkspur at Creekside, call 830-625-2277, or contact us through our website.

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