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The Perfect Wellness Philosophy for New Braunfels, TX

Our wellness philosophy at Larkspur at Creekside, in New Braunfels, Texas, attends to every aspect of a person’s well-being. Wellness is more than merely physical health and safety, although those are both crucial components to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Our philosophy pivots around six key areas in our residents’ lives. We encourage residents to engage in activities to help maintain their social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and emotional health. With this wellness philosophy, we help residents create balanced lives for themselves. Life is always better when you can focus on enjoying yourself.

At Larkspur at Creekside, we strive to provide a stimulating balance and mix of offerings for mind, body, and spirit in six key life areas to maximize your health and happiness:

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Social activity is part of our wellness philosophy because it is vital to everyone’s overall health. We organize events that encourage social interaction while respecting each resident’s right to privacy. Our residents do something together nearly every day, from meeting new people at our socials, happy hours, and game nights to going out on trips to casinos, museums, and restaurants.

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Our health and wellness philosophy places a particular focus on physical health. The on-site Fitness and Mind-Body Center arranges regular classes like tai chi, water aerobics, and yoga. Many residents exercise on their own by walking, hiking, and biking on our trails. We are next to the Resolute Health Hospital and Wellness Center, making it easy for residents to care for their health.

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Religious and spiritual beliefs are among the most important parts of many people's lives, which is why we have integrated spiritual well-being into our wellness philosophy. Whether exploring their inner-being with yoga and meditation classes or attending a religious worship service, all residents have the freedom and community to support their spiritual practice.

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Our wellness philosophy keeps residents intellectually engaged by encouraging them to investigate the current state of culture, politics, science, and the arts. Part of health is being a life-long learner. Professors, medical experts, and authors are regularly scheduled as guest lecturers to stimulate our community’s appetite for learning.

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Our community places a safe, serene, and attractive environment among the top priorities in our wellness philosophy. Our staff maintains the grounds and the units, while residents are free to enjoy the river-lodge-styled architecture and design. We also create an environment of curiosity by offering new opportunities like chef demonstrations and educational programs.

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Emotional & Artistic

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Expressing yourself through an artistic medium gives one emotional freedom and a sense of voice within their community. For that reason, we include emotional and creative well-being in our wellness philosophy. Our art studio and its classes give residents the tools to create whatever type of art makes them passionate.

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