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Our Story at Larkspur at Creekside in New Braunfels, TX

Larkspur at Creekside, in New Braunfels, Texas, is part of the family of Larkspur living communities for adults fifty-five and older. The Imprint Living operates several luxurious, resort-style communities as part of a larger mission. The Imprint Living are a family of seven siblings, all dedicated to caring for aging adults. The Imprint Living brothers and sisters consist of a chef at a senior living community, a yoga teacher and author, an artist specializing in therapeutic art practices for seniors, and even an elder-care attorney. The entire team at the Imprint Living believes in providing apartment and cottage communities for adults that are still active but want a more condensed and social lifestyle.

Meet Our Team

Larkspur is the brainchild of the Imprint Living Family, a tribe of seven children, all of whom are passionate advocates for healthy living and aging. Among them, there is a chef at a senior community, a yoga teacher and author, and an artist with a background in therapeutic art for seniors, and an elder-care attorney.

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